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Perfect Pass. WORLD LEADER in Speed Control.
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Tech Note 1 - Common Star Gazer Operational Questions

Attention Upgrade Customer

We are pleased to enclose your Star Gazer Upgrade.

After installation, you should be up and running in a matter of minutes. Simply run your Baseline Calibration passes in “CAL MODE” (Or manually enter your baselines if you have made a note of them) then switch to “GPS AUTO MODE” and go skiing. Refer to your Quick Reference Guide for fast access to features.

A few common questions:

Q. In GPS Slalom Mode without a skier, I see a fast mid course segment time (at 34.2 a time of about 7.08) Is this normal?

A. Yes, the system assumes in this mode that you have a skier in tow. Once in the course it will realize there is no skier and will reduce the speed accordingly and run a good full course time.

Remember, in CAL Mode the system is designed to simply run the baseline rpm value, there is no GPS control. On the other hand , in GPS Mode it assumes you have a skier in tow so it will run fast outside the course and through the first half if you do not have a skier in tow.

Q. Why are there two 34.2 MPH Speed Settings?

A. Next to the speed setting you will see a N (Normal). This setting is designed for most skiers weighing over 130 pounds. For smaller lighter skiers, you can set this at L (Light Skiers). Due to the fact that there are such a vast variety of skiers, we found it necessary to have the two speed settings to ensure that the lighter and heavier skiers all get a fair pull and a good time. At 36 mph (58kph), light skiers would be anyone under 160 pounds.

Q. Do I need to enter Crew Weight?

A. Ideally, Crew Weight should be entered for Calibration passes and when skiing if you are a high end skier. If you do not use Crew Weight, times will be accurate; however the entrance pull may not be optimal in a short course set up.

Q. Can I use the “One Ball Timing Method” if I use my boat in a course with 6 magnets?

A. Yes, as long as there is a magnet at entrance gate to start timer, the other magnets are ignored by PerfectPass.

PerfectPass defaults upon initial start up or after a System Reset to the “One Magnet Method”.

Q. Do I need to “map” my course in the system to run the “One Magnet Method”?

A. No.

Q. Do I need to calibrate Trick speeds and speed based slalom speeds under 24 mph?

A. No. Trick, Wakeboard Modes and speed based slalom speeds are self calibrated multiple times per second for accuracy.

Q. Why is Classic Slalom Mode still present?

A. As this mode is still fully approved by USA Water Ski, it has been included for this season.

Q. Why is there a “Practice Mode”?

A. The “Auto GPS Mode” mode is designed to run near actual times every pass. To train at a slower speed (or higher speed) you can simply switch to “Practice Mode” and adjust set speed in .1 mph increments. NOTE: Practice Mode is only for 24 mph speeds and higher.

Q. Is Tournament Mode still present?

A. Yes. If you press Up & Down Keys at the same time, the Tournament Mode will appear. Only those that wish to see the time displayed in a larger font will utilize this feature. The pull is exactly the same. (Press Up & Down keys to exit this mode)

Q. Are there any driving tips to improve the system feel / performance?

A. Yes. The system will provide the best pull if engaged well before course. Also, bring the skier up smoothly until system beeps, particularly at the slower speeds. You do not need to over throttle past engagement beep. (Do not engage while in the turn at the end of lake, engage as you head straight for the course)

A. Yes, you must disengage system in between passes. If you are not stopping boat to shorten rope, slow down after the pass so system disengages and re engage after the turn as boat straightens out and heads towards course.

Q. In Multi Magnet Mode I am seeing different full course times vs One Magnet Method.

A. Many, many courses are in tolerance but are long or short. The One Magnet Method times are based on a perfectly accurate course. A course out just one 18 inches will throw times off by a few 100ths.

Calibrating without a course. New CAPTURE Mode.

This new V.05 allows you to set your baseline values in open water without a course and timing. In the Slalom CAL Mode, you can highlight the word SLALOM and press the Up Key. At the top you will see “TIMED” which means you will calibrate your baselines using magnetic timing. If you press the Up Key you can change this to “CAPTURE” which means you can calibrate in open water.

Technotes 10

After selecting CAPTURE, select your speed (such as 34.2) and drive up and engage system. It will engage and then the speed will slowly adjust and after a few seconds the digital speed will show 34.2. At this point, use the Menu Key to highlight the word CAPTURE, and press the Up Key to confirm. The system will beep twice to confirm it has captured the correct RPM.

Change speeds and repeat process for each speed you wish to set up. 

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Perfect Pass, Get Ready For The Ultimate Ride !