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Perfect Pass. WORLD LEADER in Speed Control.
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Tech Note 3 - Star Gazer Three Event Upgrade Software

The new Version .62 is now available for three event Star Gazers. This hardware device simply plugs into your Master Module and the new version will load in about 2 minutes. Cost is $75 for the downloader + $8 for mail.


  1. In Slalom, in addition to settings N & L, there is also "X for" skiers weighing over 200 pounds or for very big pullers. "F" has also been added for light feather weight skiers. These two additional settings ensure skiers of all types get the best pull.
  2. In previous versions, you had to disengage the system in the turns and could only engage as you headed straight into the course. This requirement has been eliminated.
  3. On mechanical systems using servo motor, the servo "roll back" has been significantly reduced on throttle up resulting in a better feel and slightly quicker engagement.

Perfect Pass, Get Ready For The Ultimate Ride !